I was until recently CEO of Sanoma Learning, one of Europe’s leading providers of learning solutions. I am passionate about education and science, and I love to help talented individuals and teams to grow. Prior to this I was responsible for Strategy and Digital in the Executive Management Group at Sanoma.

I’m currently taking on advisory work and making some investments.  At the same time I’m looking for a new CEO role.

I’m experienced in leading international content and information service companies going through significant change in the science, education, medical, consumer media, legal and business spaces.  Key skills: strategy, leading change, digital transformation, digital, sales, marketing, business development and organisational renewal.

Follow me on twitter @johnrichmartin

Or connect with me on linkedin at http://www.linkedin.com/in/johnrichardmartin

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Harald Melcher

    Dear John, I recently heard the news about your leave at Sanoma. And I was deeply astonished. m2more and myself are still very active in the business, especially in Germany. If you’d like to do so, let’s exchange some information about the current situation.
    Best, Harald


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