Half a billion reasons to love bingel

Bingel-infographicBingel, a gamified learning platform, has become a runaway success. Since its launch by Van In in Flanders in 2011, pupils have completed more than 500 million exercises (that’s a lot, especially if you know how big Flanders is) and to mark this milestone they have created an infographic to open up some of the data around the impact of the platform.

Engagement is everything

What I really like about bingel is that pupils are motivated to use it: as with most endeavours, high motivation brings you further. 282,000 pupils at 79% of primary schools in Flanders use it. 9/10 pupls say they enjoy it whilst 9/10 teachers recommend it. Storification and gamification have made bingel attractive for pupils to use: 385 m of the 500 m exercises completed have been done at home. Now homework is fun! Interestingly, boys have done slightly more exercises than girls and I wonder if the gamification element might help boys to achieve better outcomes and to bridge the learning gap with girls?

Better outcomes

We have deployed some smart data scientists to crunch the numbers and can conclude that bingel helps to improve retention, results and response times. It seems that exercising makes you fit and practice makes perfect!


Supporting the work of the teacher

Teachers have also embraced the platform and this has helped them to succeed in their work and to support their way of working. They use the platform for assigning exercises, homework and remediation. Also as a way to personalize learning through differentiation modules. And to further motivate pupils with personal messages, digital stickers and extra pingping. It’s really great to see how motivated teachers are to use bingel.

A success story in innovation at Sanoma Learning

Bingel has in the meantime become one of the great examples of successful innovation at Sanoma. It has helped us to bring more value to pupils and teachers and to spearhead the transformation of Van In from a textbook publisher to a provider of multichannel offerings. Due to its success, we have in the meantime launched this platform in Sweden, Wallonia and Finland, with more opportunities in the pipeline. And looking to the next generation, I’m especially excited about using data to improve the learning impact of the platform.


Respect to the teams who have contributed to the success of bingel and also to those who created the associated learning methods. We hope that the Wallonian, Swedish and Finnish versions have similar success and we’re excited about the new platform diddit for secondary education too!

Looking forward >>

7 thoughts on “Half a billion reasons to love bingel

  1. Santtu

    Reblogged this on Top Edu Depot and commented:
    John Martin, the CEO of Sanoma Learning, outlines the current status of Bingel. We are indeed just now rolling it out in Finland, starting this school year with 3rd grade mathematics and mother tongue & literature. Fall 2016 onwards, as Finland has the curriculum reform, we’ll introduce more grade levels and new subjects to Bingel. Super excited about this!

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