Lifelong learning

Last week was the anniversary of the week that my father died – a long time ago in the meantime. He was a good and decent man and our family grew up in a loving home. These days I think about him when there is something happening in the family and during that last week of May that has just passed.

I got my passion for learning from my father. He was not educated, but he believed in the power of education.

  • He made me want to contribute to creating a better world
  • He encouraged my curious mind
  • He expected me to have high expectations of myself
  • He taught me to work hard and to be persistent.

I remember the happy times we had together in the past. I am thankful that our family is in good health and good spirit today. And I am grateful that you gave me a life-long love of learning.

Rest in peace Dad x.

2 thoughts on “Lifelong learning

  1. Claudia Lavrijsen

    Really nice words!
    I’ve lost my father as well and no matter how long it’s been we still miss them, not just at special occasions, but maybe even more so in the day-to-day things.
    It’s nice to have good memories of them.
    Take care.


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