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Attention edtech champions! 

EdTechX Awards 2022

EdTechX is currently running the 10th edition of the All Stars Awards. They’re a fantastic opportunity to see who’s shaping the future of edtech, with previous winners including the heroes at Kahoot!, Kognity, Busuu, OpenClassrooms and FutureLearn.

Learning, Earning and Yearning

They say there are three ingredients to the good life, learning, earning and yearning, which seems to have inspired the three categories this year:

  • Startup, for ventures with annual revenues of less than €5M, who have demonstrated stellar innovation and growth over the last year Apply here >>
  • Scale-Up for ventures with annual revenues over €5M who have delivered outstanding revenue growth momentum over the last 3 years Apply here >>
  • ESG & Impact for companies who can demonstrate positive ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) policies and impact strategiesApply here >>

Summit Up

EdTechX is accepting applications right now – don’t miss the deadline of 30th April.  

Winners and finalists will be announced at the EdTechX Awards Ceremony during the EdTechX Summit on 23 June in London.

Looking forward >>

I’ve joined all of the EdtechX meetings to date and they’re a great place to network with the movers and shakers in the industry.  It’s also a perfect opportunity to visit London again 😊.

Sanoma’s Start-up Challenge Five Years On

Five years on from Sanoma’s Start-up Challenge on the Future of Learning at TNW2014, I checked out how the five finalists have fared.  I’m impressed!

Winner Labster raises growth funding

Winner of the Challenge Labster has been prospering and announced at the end of last month raising $21M in a series B round to develop more digital lab simulations and to grow in the US market.  Next stop the World.

DragonBox joins Kahoot!

Maths app developer DragonBox announced today that it has been acquired by Kahoot! for $18M.  Their claim is that together they are going to make learning maths awesome!

ClassCharts wins BETT

Edukey’s ClassCharts, a seating planner and behavioural management tool, has gone from strength to strength based on the close understanding of teaching and the classroom underpinned by a strong data and analytics capability. Edukey won Company of the Year at BETT2019.

Jumpido combines movement with software to boost maths learning and looks like quite a fun thing to do in primary schools.  Although the website is still active and the company was a finalist at the Forbes e-volution Award in 2016, they have been rather quiet since.

The website for the final contender Eduvee, an intuitive learning and tutoring platform, now re-directs to the education page of custom software and consulting company Elinext, likely indicating that some form of major pivot has taken place for this company.


Overall it’s really impressive to see how much success these companies are achieving.  We were lucky to have selected such a strong cohort for our Start-up Challenge.


What I found inspiring in all of the contestants at the time was their deep understanding of their customers and their passion and drive to make a difference.  Five years on you can see the positive impact of the energy they have put into their ventures.

Looking forward >>

I’m curious on how far these companies will go in the next five years, and wish them every success in turning their ambitions into reality.