Open for consulting and advisory work in education and/or digital transformation

As announced earlier, my handover period at Sanoma is soon coming to an end.  At present I have some attractive leads for edtech ventures that I’m keen to help on their way. And a good plan for the next step in my career, which will take a bit of time to come to fruition.

In the meantime, I’m open for consulting and advisory assignments, mainly in two areas:

  1. Education sector (entire range)
  2. Digital and digital transformation assignments in a variety of sectors (not exclusively education).

These are the areas where my expertise is most developed and that I am passionate about. I’m flexible in terms of location.

If you have a challenging assignment and if you think I could help your organisation to prosper, please feel free to reach out at

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1 thought on “Open for consulting and advisory work in education and/or digital transformation

  1. Pasi Petäjä

    Hi John,

    You mentioned is some blog that You are able to advice cases.

    Our First service is Virtual High School launched in Finland Virtuaalilukio. We are going to expand this to Europe. EVL is works with 10 languages.

    If You feel that You could help us in short payable iteration process, feel free to send me an email: More info: and the EVL is free to test

    Best regards

    Pasi Petäjä


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